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We believe that supporting teachers and leaders in their professional learning leads to improved outcomes for learners.

Good quality professional learning and reflective practice are essential parts of a teacher’s professional life.  We offer a number of different professional learning opportunities for teachers according to their experience and needs.

A range of training and support is available to help teachers plan and deliver the SACE program. Teachers have access to direct support from the SACE Board and to a number of professional development opportunities.

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All accredited SACEi schools attend and participate in an annual calendar of professional learning activities that are delivered both online and in-country.

We structure our support and provide dedicated workshops for:

  • school leaders
  • teachers
  • school administrators

The SACE International team works closely with our school partners to identify areas where support would be the most beneficial and identify the best dates for training. 

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Professional learning through Prescient

Prescient is the SACE Board’s professional learning service. Prescient connects teachers, and empowers them to be forward-thinking, ready for change, and well-equipped to support their students. Prescient delivers professional learning to all sectors and levels of teaching, and can work out solutions to meet individual learning needs.

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