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100% ready for university

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SACEi graduate Thomas is studying Advanced Computing at the University of Sydney.

Thomas studied the SACE at Guangzhou Weiming School in China. Read how his studies gave him a head-start at university.

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Thomas' story

Starting university was easy
SACE has broadened my horizons and has changed my perspective of the world. When I started university, I felt 100% ready. 

Although university courses are more advanced than what I have studied in high school, some of the first university assignments were not really that challenging compared to the SACE assignments. I used to finish assignments way ahead of the deadline. Now, as I'm advancing in university, the work is getting more and more complex. (However), I am on top of every single task I need to do and I can manage all of them just fine.

University-ready skills
I learned many useful skills in SACE but the three I found the most useful are:

  • persuasive techniques: We are required to write our university reports in a persuasive way. I found (these skills) quite useful to write reports about data analysis.
  • presentation skills: I am so grateful that I did presentation assessments in high school. This skill really helps me a lot now as I am required to do presentations in university
  • teamwork: In the SACE many tasks required us to work as a team. Now, in university, I'm asked to work with others all the time, something I'm used to as a SACE student.

A smooth transition
The assessments and exams I do now in university are very similar to the ones I did in SACE. They are similar in how they are designed and evaluated. This made the transition process from high school to university to be very smooth and sometimes unnoticeable.