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Northern Hemisphere end-of-cycle results


Results will be available Tuesday 21 May 2024 at 8.30 am ACST.

Log in to Students Online using your SACE registration number (6 digits followed by a letter) and PIN (4 digits).

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Technical support

Need help logging in?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset in Students Online.

For any other help logging in, contact our support team.


Have a question about your results?

Please contact the SACE Board of South Australia on +61 8 8115 4700 and speak to a SACE Officer or email

The SACE Officer will have access to your results details - please have your personal details (including your SACE registration number) handy before you call.

Office hours of the SACE Board of South Australia are 8.30 am to 5 pm (Australian Central Standard Time) Monday to Friday.

About SACE results

SACE results in Students Online displays:

  • results for subjects you have completed, with a grade from A to E for completed Stage 1 subjects and a grade from A+ to E- for completed Stage 2 subjects
  • all Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects you have enrolled in
  • You can view assessment details of your Stage 2 subjects in Students Online. Follow the subject hyperlinks to see grades for each assessment type, as well as a chart of your achievement within the subject cohort.

See our Guide to SACE results [PDF 100KB] for an explanation of results displayed in Students Online.

In Students Online you can view and download a copy of your record of achievement (ROA).

Subject merits

Subject merits are awarded to students who achieve an A+ grade, and who also demonstrate exceptional achievement in the subject (as determined by a selection panel). A subject merit will be reported on your Record of Achievement as 'A+ with Merit'. 

About SATAC tertiary entrance results

Your Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES) is issued by the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) at the end of the cycle. It includes scaled scores for tertiary entrance, and any university aggregate, Australian Tertiary Rank (ATAR) you have achieved.

In Students Online you can view and download a copy of your Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES).

Assessment summaries, checks, and return of materials

To request an assessment summary, clerical check of results, or return of materials, please do the following:

  1. Save the request form to your computer - Assessment summaries, clerical checks, and return of student materials [PDF 219KB]
  2. Fill out the form and email to
  3. Please note: The SUBMIT button on the request form will only work after you have saved the document to your computer.

Assessment summaries

You can request a printed summary of your grades for each assessment type for Stage 2 subjects completed this year using the student assessment summary section of the request form.

The summary will list your:

  • school grade and moderated grade for each school assessment type
  • school assessment grade and external assessment grade
  • final subject grade.

Numeric equivalents will also be included for each grade.

Clerical check

You can request an additional check of your marks and grades by using the clerical check section of the request form above.

The SACE Board will then check that:

  • your results were correctly entered into the computer system
  • you have been awarded the correct subject grade and its numeric equivalent, based on your school assessment and external assessment.

Return of student materials

School assessment materials for all subjects can be collected from your school.

External assessment materials can be requested from the SACE Board by using the return of student materials section of the request form above. You must submit the request to the SACE Board before Friday 7 June 2024, and your external assessment materials will be returned after this date.

Materials that are returned will not show any marks from the markers or moderators.

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