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Performance standards

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Each subject outline (curriculum document) includes descriptions of five levels of achievement, A to E at Stage 1 and, A+ to E- at Stage 2. 

These are called ‘performance standards’. Teachers and assessors use the performance standards to decide how well a student has demonstrated their learning. Each grade corresponds to a level of the performance standards (A to E at Stage 1 and, A+ to E- at Stage 2). Performance standards also offer opportunities for teachers and students to improve the quality of their teaching and learning.  

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Teachers refer to the performance standards to:

  • show each student what they need to do to be successful in their learning
  • design assessment tasks that help students to demonstrate their learning at the highest possible level of achievement
  • make decisions about the quality of learning.

Students can also refer to the performance standards to: 

  • show their learning in ways that are most appropriate to them 
  • monitor their progress 
  • understand what is expected at the end of a learning program.

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