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Build English language skills for international university study

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Our English subjects help students to develop their English language abilities in both general and more advanced contexts. Students must complete a SACE English subject with a C grade or better to meet the literacy requirement of the SACE. 

If English is not a student’s first language, the recommended subject is English as an Additional Language.

Through this subject, students build their English language proficiency and skills, including reading, listening, speaking and writing. They study texts presented in a variety of ways, including written, oral, and through a combination of communication styles. This helps students to develop an understanding of the text structures and language features in English. 

At Stage 1, the focus is on a student’s general proficiency in using and understanding English. 

In Stage 2, students build their academic English language skills and their confidence in creating texts for different purposes. 

This subject provides the foundation English language skills needed for many university courses.

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