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Our 2024 Professional Learning & Support plan is designed to elevate the professional development of teachers and leaders within SACE International schools. Tailored to deepen expertise, our programs aim to promote the collective contributions of educators towards enhancing the SACE program.

We believe that supporting teachers in their professional development contributes to our vision of students as thriving learners and ultimately maximises student success.

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Audience: SACE Coordinators (Southern Hemisphere schools) 
When: 5 – 22 February, 1-hour sessions - various times available
Mode: Online via Zoom
Description: These sessions aim to provide SACE Coordinators with insightful feedback on your school’s results data. The session will be an opportunity to discuss areas of overall success as well as provide moderation feedback and further support.

Booking link emailed to SACE Coordinators.

NOTE: bookings close 15 January 2024

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