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Quality assurance

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The SACE is supported by a comprehensive quality assurance process called the quality assurance cycle.

This ensures that the standard of student work is the same wherever a student is studying.

The SACE Board, in partnership with schools, uses a range of quality assurance processes to ensure that students' results are fair, valid, and reliable.

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SACE quality assurance cycle stages

There are four phases within the SACE Board's quality assurance cycle—planning, clarifying, confirming and improving.


Planning phase
Teachers develop teaching, learning, and assessment opportunities that will help students to show their learning against all levels of the performance standards. 

Clarifying phase
Teachers develop and maintain an understanding of performance standards and how to apply them consistently to student work. The SACE Board provides samples of student work to support this phase. 

Confirming phase
Teachers assess student work. They apply and provide results consistently, ensure that supervision and verification procedures are applied, and use Schools Online to complete and submit results.

Improving phase
Schools and teachers receive feedback from the SACE Board. They use this feedback to learn from the assessment process, strengthen their understanding and use of the performance standards, and improve assessment design and teaching.  

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Understanding the moderation process

Watch the video to see how we ensure that every student is marked to the same standard, and the SACE is fair for everyone.   

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Professional learning through Prescient

Prescient is the SACE Board’s professional learning service. Prescient connects teachers, and empowers them to be forward-thinking, ready for change, and well-equipped to support their students. Prescient delivers professional learning to all sectors and levels of teaching, and can work out solutions to meet individual learning needs.

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