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Previously Information sheet 19 Overseas students — fees

Advice for SACE coordinators about the fees applicable to students from overseas who are studying in South Australia under Student visa (subclass 500).

The following special fees are applicable to full-fee-paying students from overseas who are studying in South Australia under Student visa (subclass 500):

  • Enrolled in Stage 1 and studying fewer than 40 credits: $250* (not refundable).
  • Enrolled in Stage 1 and studying 40 credits or more: $469* (not refundable).
  • Enrolled in Stage 2 and studying fewer than 40 credits: $549*(not refundable).
  • Enrolled in Stage 2 and studying 40 credits or more: $1033* (not refundable).

* These fees are current until 1 July 2022.

A student who is enrolled in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects is required to pay the relevant fee for the Stage of most of their subjects.

Students who do not pay their fees by the due date will have their results withheld, and no certification documentation will be issued.

Non-government schools

SACE coordinators are asked to complete Form 9 and submit it to the SACE Board.

Non-government schools will be invoiced by the SACE Board. These schools should advise students that they are required to pay the fees in accordance with the above schedule, and organise to collect the fees from students and send them to the SACE Board.

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Government schools

Students attending government schools will be invoiced individually by the SACE Board based on information provided by the Department for Education and Child Development and checked by schools.

The invoices will be sent to schools for distribution to students. Schools are asked to return invoices for students who have left, and advise of students enrolled under Student visa (subclass 500) who have not been invoiced.

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